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Playing In Circles is Mark & Jorge
all tracks by Playing In Circles

very special thanks to
Vish, Neo & HannaH


released April 14, 2011




Playing In Circles Hounslow, UK

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Track Name: Our Life On CCTV
A camera for every man, woman and child! Spotlight glare of glassy eye, to document your life! A once in a lifetime offer, for your whole lifetime, whether you like it or not.

Forget yer fifteen minutes, for everbody's famous now, famous all the time, a never ending reality soap of unprecedented proportions, each comic moment of your tragic life watched in glorious faded colour: a mosaic of low definition screens twinkling with all real lives all the time!

A short change sitcom: set in the fags and chocolate world of the shop down the road, a hundred bit parts recorded over, like the snooker, if they don't see that starring role with the shifty fingers. Worn tape replaced for tomorrow's new, must see extravaganza.

You're Famous: On CCTV

And the digital feed at the local bank, a quiz show with your own money as prize, watch as the contestants perform monotonous tasks at the hosts command and their faces light up when they "win".

You're Famous: On CCTV

The hustle and bustle of city centres and side streets, a thousand movies all at once, a thousand heroes, a thousand screens.

You're Famous: On CCTV

So dance and sing, act, perform: show big brother that you're A Star. Throw your finest clothes on your back, chin raised, teeth shining, your moment has arrived, every moment. Everybody's famous forever.
Track Name: Driving Blindfolded
And once again
on another endless road
with someone cold and
in my ear
“are we nearly there yet?”

I'd never crash
says the voice
wrapped around a tree

I know where I'm going!
'cause I know where I've been
and I ain't ever going there again

We'll be there soon
can't take much longer
travelling, at top speed
keep moving onwards
don't see no turning
'cause the scenery is
Track Name: Searching For Utopia
Not all dreams can come true
I know mine will never do

I never seem to get things right
I'm always one step out of time

On roads that wind beneath my feet
And guides that shatter in the breeze

We don't care what they say
As long as we like what we play

I'm Searching For Utopia
I'm Searching For Utopia

I can look but I won't find
What I've got is what I'll get

I can look but I won't find
What I've got is good enough

I'm Searching For Utopia